Merry Christmas from Salty but Sweet

Thank you all so much for your love and support for Salty but Sweet! I pray that you are encouraged and inspired by the words that you read or listen to on the blog/podcast. I hope that the spirit moves you as you reflect on your own experiences and when you pray bold prayers.

We have had a busy holiday season and I will be taking some time off from the blog to spend intentional time with my family. I will also be prepping for new things to come in 2022!

I wish each of you the merriest Christmas. My prayer is for yall not to get so caught up in the gifts and the influencer-worthy outfits that you forget about the baby in the manger. About the miraculous way Jesus came to this earth, lived among his people, and ultimately died at their request. Don’t forget that He overcame death and rose again. And when He departed, He left us the sweetest gift of all – His spirit.

This gift is not wrapped under the tree and you can’t order it off of Amazon. But if you pray and believe that this crazy story is more than that – that it is an account of the redemption of humankind, this is the gift you receive.

Squeeze your loved ones and smile at strangers in your community. You never know how that one interaction may change a life forever.

And if you are looking for a tangible gift, head over to my Etsy shop to grab a Salty but Sweet t-shirt! *shameless plug*

May you be salt, light, and a whole lot of sweet this season.

See yall in 2022!

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Salty but Sweet”

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family. May Lord continue to inspire you to write and blog for His glory. Love to all the Salters, Wilkes, and Joiners.


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